New Year and a New Website!

When we upgrade boy do we upgrade! Well it has been ten years since we have upgraded our trusty old computer but when the cat knocks it off a shelf and falls over 3' to the ground (not the first time!) and then once you stop gasping, turn it on and it works better than know it is time to upgrade;-)  So we decided to upgrade our computer, get high speed internet ,now that it is out here, got new iPads for out point of sales (instead of the old mechanical swipe) and revamped our web site.....Yay!

Now a lot of people have been asking if we sell online and now we do. It is still in its infancy and of course there is learning curve (What do you mean there is no START button??!!) but soon I am sure we will be saying "We should have done this earlier" 

So feel free to poke around, there lots to see and read (people still read don't they?) and by all means if you prefer seeing the work in person our gallery is still open year round or you can see it at the Downtown Farmers Market in the summer. 

A prosperous New Year to all......and now off to make some New Work!




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