The Work: One-of-a-Kind and Limited Edition

A small sampling of our past work.


carbon trapped martini

chun antler jar

crackle antler pitcher

handled ash platter

bowls soda fired

bowls glass

wood handled canister

celedon trunk cups

celedon bowls

celedon antler decanter

celedon scotch cup

celedon crackle wine pods

crackle bowl

celedon cracle patch bowls

crackle wine cups

crackle decanters

imaged crackle wine pods

handled crackle serving bowl

crackle wine pods

cracle celedon wine pod

crackle wine cup

creamer bottles soda fired

antler decanters

tray of small dishes

wood handled serving bowls

wood handled beer stein

porcelain imaged wine pods

imaged celedon trunk cup

wood soda fired leaf plates

lily lidded mugs

lily whiskey cups

humming bug wine cup

silver stemmed martini cups

offering bowls

oval serving bowl

wood soda fired oval tray

porcelain imaged mugs

porcelain wine flute shot cups

potion bottles

raven water cups

raven pitcher

raven mugs

ring of raven pitchers

raven mugs

red sparkling wine flutes

red wine pods

patched scotch cup

shell bowls

humming bug shooter cups

square celedon handled plate

handled beer stein

stitched oval tray

stitched leaf plates

 crackle tea bowl

antler teapot

tree beer stein

wood soda fired scotch cups

bottle vases

victorian plates

wood soda whiskey tumblers

wood soda fired wine cups

celedon wine cups

wood soda wine pod stack

wood soda fired wine pod

wood handled celedon beer stein

wood soda fired plates

celedon tea bowl

yellow mugs



 chun reindeer handled platter



 antler handled wood fired platter

berry bush mug

bike mug stack

blue crack platter

carved wine pods

potion bottles

crackle teapots

green whiskey tumblers

humming bug mugs

humming bug plates

imaged mugs

porcelain imaged dippy dishes

leaf pitchers

wood soda fired leaf plates

moose and squirrel mugs

wood soda fired scotch cups

santa's teapot

wood soda fired shell snifter

wood soda shell snifters

side fired snifter 

blue crack spoon and bowl

spoon and sugar jar

stitched platter

carbon tree cups

carved celedon snifters



green tea pots

potion bottles tray

mug stack

wood handled tray

rum jugs

 tall pitcher

potion bottles glass tray

spiral canisters

carbon whiskey cup

celedon dip dishes

chun flutes

chun wine pods

blue crack shot glasses

blue crackle bowls

glass handled jar

glass handled jar

glass handled jar

green bowls

handled bowls

moth mugs

victorian patch bowls

pedistal teapot

raven bowl

raven in the berry bush mugs

scotch cup stack

shot cups

splash plates

stone handled caserole

stone handled jar

teapot gathering

trunk cups

victorian steins

victorian mugs

victorian teapot

side fired wine pod

whiskey cups

whiskey shell cups

sparkling wine flutes

wood handled jar

wood handled jar



imaged bottle

imaged twisted cups

antler lidded jar

old man and the raven

wood fired plates

raven mugs

imaged scotch cups

red bowls

twisted mugs

twisted whiskey

twisted cups

raven window vase



ash cups

bottles in vouge

canoe serving dishes

carbon plates

chun cups

offering bowl

small wood soda fired bowls

wood fired lidded jar

river wood teapots

spiral plate

ston lidded jars

stone wood fired decanters

stone handled wood fired platter

wood soda swoop wine cup

wood fired tea bowls

sunset trunk cup

washed blue bowl

wood fired plates

wood fired whiskey cup

wind bowl

wood fired window vase

wood fired window vases


wood soda window vase

stone handled canisters

carbon shino cups


saki set

wood fired shell tea bowls

side fired bottle

carved and stitched platter

wood fired tea caddies

porcelain tea bowls

trunk cups

wood soda fired trunk cups

wood fired twin bottles

side fired vases

wood fired who houses

soda fired window vase

winters wind tea bowl

wood fired plates

wood fired platter


handled ball vaseblistered platter

blossom ball

blossom ball

blossom balls

carbon bottle

carbon window vase

curmudgeon  bottles

distorted woods

water cup


egg basket

organic plates

wood soda square plate

wood soda fired square plates

wood soda window vases

bottle vases

wood soda tea bowls