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We know......we know...... January 19 2019

Well you know life happens sometimes. The last couple of years we have been dealing with an elderly family member and afterward rebuilding our life out here in the forest. But we are glad to say that all is well now and we are back into the full swing of things. If there is one thing that we can take away from all that we went through is that we need to make things a little easier on ourselves, so with that in mind we now have hooked up to the grid......we know, we know. We can hear all of you going 'What? your not off grid anymore, but you were living our dream'. Well not to worry we will be tying into the grid once we can afford the new solar array and besides, it is way more ecological to go this route than having to always deal with those horrible batteries and when we make to much power on a sunny day the surplus gets put back into the grid and my neighbour is using green energy.

So what do wood fire potters do for fun? Well they fire electric kilns of course. It has been really fun playing around with electric firings. Fast turn around, beautiful porcelain, less waste and failed results than with wood firing, and way, way easier on our aging bodies......we know......we know.....We can hear you all saying 'What? your not doing woodfire anymore?' Don't worry, we still are wood firing, in fact it makes our lives so much easier that we will if anything be doing more wood fires not less and the work will be more specific to the firing type than it has in the past.

We also have a new Home/Gallery space in the city......we know......we know.....We can still hear you.....'What the @#*(&$&@#^@!???? , you moved into the city...but, but, but....' Now everyone calm down. Go get yourself a warm cup of tea (preferably out of one of our mugs) and relax. We have not moved into the city, we still live out here in the woods. We do now have a house that we have turned into a Gallery space, it is where we have and will be holding most of our studio sales. Our porch gallery out here is still open, (although right now because of winter not much is here) and will be having our Summer sale out here. The City gallery just makes it easier for our customers to come to our sales. If you wish to know about the new space and studio sales just sign up to our e-mail invite list. The gallery is now fully stocked and is also open by appointment. 

Ok so that was a lot to take your tea......good. Now just breathe, hold on and steel your mind because it's going to be a great year!

All our best


January.....weird weather..... January 27 2014

Well this month we did not get as much done as we would have liked, which we never seem to do. More grant writing, setting up our new web page, learning to navigate our new computers (ugh), getting firewood from our forest in hip deep snow shoveling said snow, fixing our temporary sheds after said snow collapsed them. In the last couple of weeks we have very warm weather along with crazy winds, a few days even got into the double digits melting about half of the snow. Within one month we have had record snow, record wind and record warm temperatures, lots of broken branches, a couple of fallen trees, and one close call.

Fallen tree right by the outhouse! Welcome to the new world weather.

Lately we have had a moose visit us, at our little place in the forest, nibbling on willows and saplings and sleeping down by the outhouse. Makes those late night trips a little more exciting for sure. Even one of our cats tried to stalk it, probably thought it was the biggest mouse he ever saw. Here are a couple of pictures of our forest visitor and hopefully our next post will have pictures of pots! Enjoy.

New Year and a New Website! January 08 2014

When we upgrade boy do we upgrade! Well it has been ten years since we have upgraded our trusty old computer but when the cat knocks it off a shelf and falls over 3' to the ground (not the first time!) and then once you stop gasping, turn it on and it works better than know it is time to upgrade;-)  So we decided to upgrade our computer, get high speed internet ,now that it is out here, got new iPads for out point of sales (instead of the old mechanical swipe) and revamped our web site.....Yay!

Now a lot of people have been asking if we sell online and now we do. It is still in its infancy and of course there is learning curve (What do you mean there is no START button??!!) but soon I am sure we will be saying "We should have done this earlier" 

So feel free to poke around, there lots to see and read (people still read don't they?) and by all means if you prefer seeing the work in person our gallery is still open year round or you can see it at the Downtown Farmers Market in the summer. 

A prosperous New Year to all......and now off to make some New Work!