Red Bottle Triptych

Red Bottle Triptych

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These Condiment Bottles (also perfect as little vases) are made from porcelain with a red glaze exterior. They are cast from a mini scotch bottle and have been fired in a wood/soda kiln to 1300c.  Comes with natural cork stoppers and sits in a wooden base.

In the firing each bottle was cradled in a fresh water clam shell creating a "man made fossil" marking on its side. Each piece is unique; a reflection of our approach to the work and firing processes. 

Size: 3 bottles at...5cm x 10cm  Volume: 65ml(2oz)...for each bottle.  Wooden Base Included.

This item is dishwasher and microwave safe (not cork or wood base). These make a perfect oil/vinegar/soy set. 


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